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Apr 12, 2016
Greetings all,

I am about to start a Nephrology fellowship at UT Houston in July 2020. I came from a medium sized community-based IM residency program. I have a dear friend from the same residency program who also wants to go for fellowship, but in Endocrinology. She is looking into coming to UT Houston due to the emphasis on endocrine neoplasia (one of her special interests).

My question is, how difficult is Endocrinology as a fellowship to obtain? She is a U.S. graduate but because she, like me, went to a community based residency program, she does not have very much in the way of research or publications. Maybe 1 abstract but that's about it. And also, because I will be in the same University, how much influence can I have in the application process so far as seeing to it that her app gets looked at? I know I will be in a completely different fellowship, so I understand I may not be able to do much. But hey, even a little bit is better than nothing at all!
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