Aug 23, 2017
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Hello! I see a lot of people posting and asking about the chances of them being accepted to a certain medical school and can't seem to find any on the specific school that I am interested in! I figured I may post and ask. I am wanting to apply ED for KU medical school. Here is everything I have:

-Kansas resident
-cGPA: 3.93
-don't know exact sGPA but have received A's in both inorganic chemistry classes and general biology. Still need to take both organic classes and am currently in physics this year! (A little behind since I am actually a psychology major)
-plan on taking MCAT in May and have been studying since the beginning of the summer. I am a good test taker and have plenty of time to study so I am not too worried about getting a good score.
-member of 3 honor societies on my campus
-deans list all semesters
-have taken some classes at local community college

Since I am a psychology major, I am planning on only taking the "require" classes. (Biology, inorganic chem, organic chem, physics, English, math). Do you think not taking other science classes will be a disadvantage?

I guess my main area of concern is if I am doing enough outside of academics.

-around 100 hours of shadowing (1/2 with a pediatrician and about 1/2 with a family physician)
-volunteering at local hospital/doctors office (4 years)
-active in Big Brother Big Sisters program (2 years)
-volunteer at the local assisted living home (1 year)
-active in my church (and activities)
-volunteer for health screenings for a summer camp
-a (120 hour) internship at a opioid rehabilitation center
-president for two years of premed club at my university
-secretary of Cardinal Key Honor Society at my university
-orientation leader
-camp counselor at my university STEM camp
-open houses, workshops, and conferences hosted by this medical school.

I will not have any research experience as well.

Thank you in advance!


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Oct 22, 2013
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If you have time to add in research and you kill the MCAT you could be looking at some prestigious schools. If you are set on Kansas, then you have the ECs...just score 508+ on the MCAT and be sure your personal statement, essays, and LORs are good


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Nov 3, 2014
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Common response without the MCAT is, take the MCAT and come back.

You also are missing the presumed hardest of the pre-reqs: orgo and physics. You also need biochem as well.

EC's look great, GPA is great - keep it up!
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