chances of getting a residency at U-Minnesota Twin Cities as a non-MN resident?



I know as a second year student that it is a bit too early for me to be thinking about this, but I've heard that U Minn has great residency programs in peds and Med/Peds, both in which I am very interested. The problem is that I have no ties to the state of Minnesota other than a few great aunts who live there and am not a student at their medical school. Should I even bother to apply come 4th year? Also, a classmate of mine has a sig. other in Minnesota (not a physician and they are not married or currently planning to be) and he is also not a resident of the state though he went to a private school in MN for college. Does he have a better chance than I do at matching in MN? We are both Massachusetts (formerly Maryland in my case) residents if that helps. thanks!


thank you very much for the info.. I have heard that Minnesota and a number of other schools tend to take a lot of their own grads for residency.. if I remain interested in UMinn, should I try to do a rotation there during the beginning of 4th year? Anything else I can do? I think I would be OK with the weather (living in Boston, which is similar) and that I would really enjoy living in Minneapolis. How about my classmate; it seems like all he needs to do is propose to the girlfriend (not sure how likely this is) and he would have a great shot but I don't know..
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