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Apr 19, 2002
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Is this post for real? you should not even have to ask. You need to retake the MCAT period, minority or not.
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May 17, 2002
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no chance. Your good GPA is completely cancelled out by the scores, and then some - if I were on an AdCom looking at that discrepancy I'd question whether you'd learned anything in college, sorry. While a good MCAT can cause an AdCom to overlook some poor grades, the reverse is NOT true: good grades can't make up for a bad MCAT. The MCAT evens out the differences in grading among schools.


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Mar 22, 2002
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have you taken the mcat more than once? you will definitely need to retake with those scores. sorry to disappoint :(
please don't take offense at this, but people getting scores like these and getting into med schools is the kind of thing that makes us white folk upset! just because you're a minority doesn't mean you don't have to meet a minimum standard. with a little work, you can do better than that!


I concur that you must retake the MCAT and score a minimum of a 21 to be competitive at your state schools (UT-Memphis and ETSU). With the mess those schools are in though, you may want to put yourself in a good position to get in out of state, in that case shoot for a 25 or better (and with all the backlash against AA these days I would go for better). If you can get a 28 or better, I'd say you have a good shot at top 50 and even some top 25 privates. g'luck.

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May 26, 2002
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The MCAT is your achilles heel. One retake to 25+ will put you in good shape. Study more for the test, try studying from some Kaplan materials. :)

It's also possible that you misgridded a few of your sections.
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