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Jun 16, 2009
    Hey guys,

    First, my academic history: My freshmen year I went to PSU and failed almost every class I took (I didn't even want to go to college, let alone know what I was going to do once I got there, so I just ended up not doing anything). Then, I dropped out and went to community college and then transferred to a top liberal arts university in the state on a full named-scholarship.

    Since PSU, I've worked very hard to get my act together. I have very good EC's: I was the president of multiple clubs and organizations, involved in several intramural clubs (captain of one team), received many awards and was accepted into numerous honor societies, did 2+ years of research and completed an honors thesis. I even received an award for being top 2 in my major (neuroscience) during graduation. (this was mostly all after I transferred, btw).

    I have volunteered about a total of 100hrs in a hospital setting and shadowed several doctors.

    Currently, I am teaching physics for TPR & on a 10-month commitment with AmeriCorps.

    Anyway, here's my trend:
    Freshmen: .44 <--- PSU
    Sophomore: 3.90 <-- COMMUNITY COLLEGE
    Senior: 3.83 <-- UNIVERSITY
    Overall: 3.12
    Overall BCPM: 3.19

    MCAT (take 1): 27O
    MCAT (take 2): 33P

    I've been applying to only MD schools the past 2 cycles (I have 2 MD's in the family, so have been pressured to apply to MD schools) and, it doesn't look like I'll be getting any acceptances, let alone any interviews. At first, I was obviously pretty upset with this, and then I realized there may be a silver lining. Honestly, with every day that goes by, I'm warming up to the idea of going to DO school.

    I like the DO philosophy, especially with the types of students they accept. It seems very silly to me that, because of having a bit of a slower maturation almost 8 years ago at this point, my chances of getting into MD schools is all but nonexistent. Why would I want to try and make myself appealing for a program that is so numbers-driven, when numbers are not at all a good indicator of a good physician. I know I can be a good physician, which is why this bothers me the most. To prove myself the only thing I could really do is a masters program. 2 years of tuition and research just to MAYBE be more appealing to MD's? Forget it. I'm not playing their game anymore.

    I won't go into it, but I've had some fairly traumatic experiences throughout my life (which may explain my late maturation), and I'm not playing the boo-hoo card here at all, but I think DO's might be a bit more down-to-earth about certain things, because of DO programs' emphasis on life experiences for compensation of maybe a not so-stellar GPA or MCAT. I honestly feel that I would just get along better and thrive in a DO environment. Am I totally off base for thinking this way?

    Anyway, I sort of went on for a bit there. Could anyone tell me what my chances are at a top-tier DO schoool? I'm from philly, so I would really like to go to PCOM :)
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      Well your MCAT is very strong for a top-tier DO school, but you're probably going to want to explain that freshman year. That being said it seems like you pulled yourself together pretty well, so if the rest of your application is strong and you apply early, you might have a chance. I don't know if PCOM has any sort of in-state bias or not.
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