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    I recently took the MCATs and I m a rising senior
    MCATs (40; BS 14, PS 14, VR 12, Q)
    I had a pretty bad first half of undergrad but I really kicked ass last year and hopefully I will graduate with both my cGPA and sGPA around 3.5. Realistically with these stats and these ECs what should I work on? aside from working hard, continue to kick ass getting my GPA as high as possible.
    Thanks for any advice!

    I m entering my senior year and plan to apply after graduating undergrad and so far I have
    150 hours of volunteering at a hospital (will continue do volunteer until application time so hopefully ~300 when I apply)
    40 Hours At Goodwill Freshmen year

    40 Hours of Shadowing at Freshmen Summer
    100 Hours of Shadowing this summer

    Research Assistant Summer of Freshmen Year
    Research Junior Year (Whole Year) under biology professor (no pubs)
    Research Senior Year with different professor, looking at more autonomy and hopefully getting something recognized (pub or poster) by the time of application

    Running Club
    3 Marathons Under my belt
    Fraternity Member
    Philanthropy Chair Sophomore Year
    -raised 2000 dollars for Wounded Warrior Project
    -Leads brotherhood in various school/community philanthropy events throughout the year including local haunted house, relay for life, and other projects (around 5)
    Vice President of Fraternity (Junior Year) Leadership role
    Frisbee Club
    Inter Greek Council Member (Junior Year)
    Inter Fraternity Council Member (Junior Year)
    Outdoors Club (Go hiking and backpacking and stuff)

    Specifically I ve beeing looking at a diverse range of schools and the most top ranked schools that I am interested in are
    USC (Keck)

    What are my chances for these schools/do you guys know anything specific that these schools look for/i should work on?

    thanks again

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