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Jan 25, 2013
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I'm a junior at a large state college majoring in Molecular Genetics. I will be taking the MCAT this spring.

This past fall I began volunteering in a neuroscience lab.To date I have accumulated approximately 100 hours in the lab and will most likely continue working in the lab until I complete my degree including over the summer.

I spent my sophmore (sept-june) year volunteering at the university medical center 3hrs/week

Aside from these experiences, I have spent the previous years heavily invested in my home community through the youth sports program including lifeguarding for 3 summers at the local public pool which led me to help with the development of a new swim team program with our pool manager which I have coached as a volunteer for 2 summers so far.

As far as school goes I have a cGPA of 3.53 and an estimated sGPA of 3.45
The good news: I have an upward trend with GPAs of 3.25 my freshman year, 3.56 soph, and 3.9 so far this year.

I am hoping for 33-35 MCAT score and hope to begin clinical shadowing soon during this semester.

Just wondering if anyone could give me feedback on what chances I might have with these numbers/history and any recommendations you might have to improve my app. Do you think an upward trend is good enough to offset my first two years if I do well on the MCAT? Also any advice on explaining the trend in interviews or addressing it in the personal statement is appreaciated. Thanks in advance! :D
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Apr 17, 2011
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3.5 ish GPA and a 33-35 MCAT along with strong ECs (which you seem to have) should give you a good/great chance getting in somewhere.

the key, however, is ensuring that you GET that 33-35.
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