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Jun 5, 2015
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Meharry and Morehouse are HBCUs.
With a 2.8sGPA/3.1cGPA and a 506 MCAT, your chances for MD are practically nonexistent. DO is possible but only with the newer schools and that 2.8 will likely get you screened out/rejected at several.

How significant is the upward trend? Can you list your GPAs by year?

Since you have so many units, the goal now isn't to raise your GPA to a competitive level, its to show that you can do well in medical school. For DO, you do not need to retake the MCAT, instead I'd recommend taking a 1 year DIY or formal Post-Bacc to increase your sGPA over 3.0 and show that you can handle medical school. For MD, you'll need a 513+ MCAT with a SMP or Post-Bacc (possibly both).
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Sep 15, 2012
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@Cardboard101 Thanks! Updated
@Faha I was hoping this cycle, but I don't think it's possible now for a few more years. Even as a full time student, I would need at least a year to get sGPA to 3.0 and probably 3 for a 3.3. I am a New York resident.
You need to take a sufficient number of undergraduate level science courses in the coming year to increase your sGPA to 3.0. Then you could apply to DO schools next June and with a cGPA and sGPA both above 3.0 and your MCAT of 506 then you would be competitive for at least 14 DO schools that I can think of.


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Jun 10, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
top 30 undergrad school
2.8 sGPA / 3.7 aoGPA / 3.1 cGPA
3.9 MS degree (40 credits, not included in cGPA)
upward trend sGPA 2.1, 2.3, 3.0, 3.3, 3.9 (grad), 4.0 (informal postbacc)
unfortunately back then I didn't think how summer transfer courses would affect me years later (lots of C's & C+'s, all retaken with A's)

506 MCAT (much lower than AAMC practice tests, plan to retake)
1 year graduate TA
1.5 years research
300 hrs volunteering (w/ underserved)
300+ hrs surgical observation & shadowing (various specialties, +DO family medicine)
5000+ full time paid clinical job

good LORs (albert einstein, mount sinai, columbia, cornell, nyu, stony brook, & NYIT affiliated)
white/F/NY resident

I know my GPA is really low, especially now that DO doesn't accept grade replacement :( Do I have any chance if I apply broadly? If not, where do I go moving forward? I have over 200 course hours so I know I will have to take a good 2-4 years of course work to even make the smallest dent in GPA. I did an informal post-bacc (4.0), but the classes are not "averaged" in the way I assumed. They are just added like any course would be, which again does not change much.

MWU/AZCOM, WesternU/COMP, LECOM, NSU, MU, DMU, KCU, Rowan, BCOM, NYIT, Touro, OU (Cleveland), PCOM, PNWU, ATSU

I'm assuming no chance of MD?
DO list is fine, and correct, no chance at MD.
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