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Nov 24, 2001
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Now for something completely different.

Has any practicing PA ever changed their specialty or area of practice? I work in a hospital covering admission from the ED and covering floors. I practice some pretty autonomous medicine in that my supervising physicina trusts me and pulls maybe 5 charts a week. Besides that I never see him. The money is good (but not great) and if I wanted, I could go to two weeks on and two weeks off -- still full time (80 hrs. week). This would free me up to work elsewhere per diem or drink beer, ride the bike, fish or paint the house....whatever.

Heres the rub. I have a chance to start anew in orthopedic surgery. Great people to work with, MUCH more money, far less autonomy, and I would no doubt be very low on the pole (not used to it!)
Oh, and here it comes -- I am not too crazy about ortho. I know --what???!! Any experiences worth sharing?


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Jun 13, 2001
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Boy...your current job sounds intrigueing......What kind of $$ ?? E-mail me...Wanna move South?
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