CHarlotte Job Market

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Nov 10, 2005
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Anyone know anything about the Charlotte job market? Seems like lots of ERs managed by megagroups. How is the pay and work environment?


la gringa

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Oct 14, 2004
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i am a Charlotte native - trained elsewhere and worked in a larger city before returning to my hometown.

quick rundown:

2 big hospital groups -- Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) and Presbyterian.
CMC much has a much larger system, technically public and not for profit but an amazing CEO turned it into a hospital where anyone would want to go
Presby used to be the hoity-toity hospital, now they're both a mix

as far as groups:
MEMA has the presby's: main, huntersville, matthews. recently lost and/or gave up lake norman and davis regional
CMC main has a residency and has its own academia doc group
EMP has CMC-mercy, pineville, university, lincoln, and the 2 freestandings huntersville and steele creek. also iredell memorial in statesville.
Cabarrus EM Assoc has CMC-NorthEast and its freestanding in kannapolis
ApolloMD has CMC-Union and its freestanding in waxhaw
Mountain something has Lake Norman - 3rd group in 3 yrs

i work for one of these.
$$ --make more than i did in a major east coast city but less than those farther out in the country.
work environment (??not sure what you mean??) -- charlotte generally has good healthcare including some tertiary stuff at CMC. NO NURSING UNIONS of which i am aware. good work ethic in most staff and patient experience is stressed here more than anywhere else i have been.