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Apr 14, 2013
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Hello all,

I graduated college with a double major in Economics and Russian Language and minored in Chemistry, however my overall GPA was low; 2.9. I applied and was accepted to Rutgers U for an MBS degree.

I have now successfully completed the fall semester at Rutgers GSBS and have 11 credits towards my MBS degree. I have already taken Dental Physiology and Oral Microbiology. I have also completed a research rotation in Physiology. At the current point in time, my graduate GPA is a scores below a B.

I have over a year of shadowing experience as an intern with a DDS. Aside from that, I also have 4 months of research experience in Organic Chemistry, and as I previously stated, a semester rotation in Physiology. VP of several college clubs counting towards extracurricular activities.

I am also currently registered for Dental Material Science, Oral Immunology, and a Dental Seminar aside from other biological courses.

My DAT scores are as follows:

AA: 19
Bio: 20
Chem: 21
Reading: 19
Quantitative Reasoning: 17
Perceptual Ability: 17

My recommendation letters came directly from the teaching doctors from the two dental courses mentioned, as well as from P.h.D's from college.

I am applying to NYUCD this cycle as well as a few other schools with late deadlines.

I would appreciate some constructive feedback on my current application stats.

Thank You


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Jun 5, 2013
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Your GPA is below average, so I think you'll need a higher DAT score. It also doesn't look positive that you didn't get a 3.7+ in your master's program. Generally that can show the adcoms that someone is prepared for graduate coursework. Don't mean to be the bearer of bad news or anything, just my honest opinion.

I'd say study the DAT hard (there are plenty of helpful posts for that here on SDN) and retake it and try for 21 AA/PAT or higher, make sure you get some volunteer work in as well (~100 hours should be sufficient). Applying broadly will help too.

Best of luck!
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Jun 28, 2011
I'm going to be honest. I know it's extremely tempting to apply this cycle, but I would hold off until next year. Most schools' seats have already been filled and I think that the later it is in the cycle, the stronger your stats need to be. If you've got money to burn, then by all means -- you never know. Your DAT scores are good, but you may want to retake considering your GPA's. I would concentrate on your dental school courses next semester and try to make A's in them. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that many schools want to see at least a 3.5+ in grad programs if your undergrad was low, BUT I think that they may make an exception in your case since dental physio is a very rigorous course (good job on not getting below a B). This is all just speculation on my part, of course. In any case, kill your next semester and apply next year.