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Cheap Hotels


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Apr 13, 2005
    Hey all,

    Going to different places for interviews- flights, hotels, meals...its all costing lots of money. I dunno if you guys heard of the website called priceline but you should use it. It is a website where you can bid for hotels. You can get good hotels like hyatt, sheraton, marriot..etc for less than half the price. I've always used priceline and it always get the job done. Like last week in my trip to philly, i booked sheraton on priceline for $60, saving like $140 in the process. Its often cheeper than the motels or bed and breakfast places.

    here is the website:


    Bidding for travel - People post their winning bids on priceline on this website. It tells you who the priceline sponsored hotels are, where they are and how much you can expect to bid for the hotels


    Hotwire - another discount hotel website. Works little differently than priceline but you can still have lots of cash


    you can even get discounted plane tickets on priceline or hotwire...i have yet to use this service though.

    Its always good to save some money so here is it.

    Best of luck to everyone this year
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