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Jan 16, 2002
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Hey guys,

I ned the most help in gen chem for studying for the DAT, and was wondering if anyone could suggest a good text to study from, or if maybe the examkrackers book for the MCAT would be better. My old chem book isn't very good, and was hoping to find something that would be better to aid my studying. I already have the kaplan book, but I need something a little more deatiled.




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Jul 24, 2002
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Heh heh I feel your pain...

When I was in undergrad (Columbia U)., my school inflicted on us our professor's own textbook, a preliminary edition no less. It was horrible and I learned absolutely nothing from that class.

I had to pretty much learn Chem on my own. My cousin loand me the text he used at Johns Hopkins ("Chemistry: science of change." Oxtoby, Nachtrieb and Freeman, published by Saunders). Good text. I practically learned Chem on my own from that book.

Still, a textbook is basically a reference source. To study for the DAT you really should look at past exams (most of the study guides sold in book stores should have those) to see the kind of questions they ask.

Good luck!


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Jul 17, 2001
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I think the Kaplan book is adequate for the Chemistry section. However, do you happen to have an old Gen Chem book laying around that you can refer to? I refer to my Gchem book from freshman year once in a while and it is helpful.
Another thing you can do is go to the bookstore and look at the GRE Chemistry books....while it has a lot more detail than you need, I am sure it provides some good information and probably explains it better than Kaplan since it concentrates only on chemistry.


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Jan 26, 2002
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I feel the Kaplan book is good enough also. The DAT actually doesn't have many calculations, and most are simple conceptual questions.

I think it will be good to just go over the Kaplan book, and if you don't understand, refer back to G-chem book. More importantly, do some sample tests. When I study for DAT, I went to bookstore, and do sample SAT II G-chem tests. In fact, I practice with SAT II Bio, G-chem and Math books. Just don't write on the books :rolleyes:

I think these practices are helpful, at the end, I got satisfactory scores on the sciences :laugh:

good luck studying.
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