Aug 31, 2015
Pre-Health (Field Undecided)
I am currently a chemistry major who is dreading senior capstone lab ~7hrs for 3 hour credit. I began my chemistry major hoping that my experiences in the lab would get better after taking non-premed chemistry courses (more attention to individual students), however I loathed my analytical chemistry lab experience, and the class was just ok. I liked Pchem, but still found it hard to attain a B with my A chem lab time suck. I also took intro bio and some medical anthropology/ public health classes and really enjoyed them. I realized that I wasn't interested in just chemistry, but science classes in general. I don't have time to complete a bio major by graduation, but I could switch to medical anthropology and have more free time to take biology courses. I don't ever plan on pursuing an advanced degree in chemistry, but are there other benefits to completing the major? I'm hoping to pursue public health related research during my gap year and possibly get my MPH.

long story short: my interest have shifted, but should my major?

It's always easier to know what you should have done in hind site. I appreciate advice from older Ugrads or post grads

I apologize if something similar or exactly like this has been posted. Feel free to leave a link to that thread.