Chicago People; come to Millennium Ice rink and Ill treat you to free skates!

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Oct 16, 2008
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If you live in Chicago or surrounding areas this is for you.

I work at millennium tribune plaza ice rink.

if you want to get some free skates or great advice on how to have a great time with friends or a date private message me.

hours at millennium ice rink: 10AM - 10PM daily
cost: 10$ to rent skates for as long as you would like

there is no fee to skate on the rink so if you have your own skates its free. (you also do not need to wait in line)

the busiest times at the rink are thur fri sat sun. if you come those days and need to rent skates, come EARLY

have a good winter break and if you are interviewing in chicago, come see millennium park and skate a bit on me

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