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Child Neurology Residency


New Member
15+ Year Member
May 26, 2003
    Hi -

    I'm a third year student hoping to do pediatrics and child neurology. I know that most peds neuro programs accept applications from students for PGY-3 but then you have to find a peds position for the first two years. I'm concerned about whether I'll be able to find a peds program to take me knowing that I'll just be doing the first two years. Any idea how people usually work this out?

    Thanks for your help!


    Junior Member
    15+ Year Member
    Jun 11, 2003
      I don't know if your willing to move or not, but Johnson City, TN is lacking in the Child Neurology dept.!! We have 2 child neuros and they are in Knoxville.....A good drive for everyone on this side of it : southeast Va included!.....There is now a waiting of 2 months to be able to see these doctors because they are so booked!....You should think about moving to Johnson City, TN and starting your career...This is where East Tennessee State University is located and there are about 5 hospitals in a 45min radius....There is a group of neuros in johnson city, but not specializing in children....They had one once named Jarlath Mitchell, but he moved back home to Ireland....Anyway, I know I'm rambling, but we are desperate need here....Think about it...
      Good Luck!
      Desiree'- mommy of 2 who need a closer neurologist
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