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Sep 19, 2005
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What do you feel is less competitive right now – a preliminary medicine or categorical medicine spot? I have been interested in getting into a specialty which required a preliminary year but given my low board scores I need to be realistic about my options. I was hoping to prove myself in a preliminary year but I hear most preliminary programs want to have a reasonable assurance that you will concurrently match and get into your specialty choice for your second year onwards (and will not consider you with the possibility that you will want to continue in their program if you do not match for your second year). Is this correct or was I misinformed? I went unmatched this spring but have taken and passed step 3, have been studying and spending time with local physicians and remain dedicated to help treat patients as a physician. I would rather complete a categorical medicine residency and go from there than go unmatched again trying to get into a preliminary medicine and another residency.
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