CITA in Alabama


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Jul 14, 2004


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Jun 27, 2006
hi, salem , i have pass nbde part 1 with 92.... now leaving in wisconsin ..... but as my husband has got residency in UAB , we will move to montagomery al, can u pls give me more information about UAB dental program , whether we have to go 2 yr school for DDS, then give CITA, or just appear for exam .......... pls ans my query..... thanks


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Mar 2, 2003
The original question was concerning the following from cita's website:

"Alabama currently has submitted legislation allowing the recognition of the CITA examination. Until the legislation becomes effective, Alabama is not authorized to license individuals who have taken the CITA examination. The legislation is expected to become effective in February 2007. Once legislation has become effective, Alabama will give retroactive recognition to individuals who have previously taken the CITA examination

I was considering coming from out of state to take the exam this summer in Ala. but I've heard rumors that the state may not accept CITA and if so UAB wouldn't be offering the exam. So I was wondering if anyone more familiar with Alabama law knew about the legislation's status??

Sorry, Sonu_9 I'm not familiar with UAB's policies. The school's that take the curriculum integrated format offer part 1 cita during junior year (manikins) and part 2 (live patients) during senior year.
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