Jun 6, 2012
Medical Student (Accepted)
Wondering if there might be an City Year alumni or current City Year members. I'm a rising senior and got accepted into the city year program earlier today. I understand this may not be the ideal thing to do for a gap year if you are hell bent on getting into a research powerhouse but with my app (34, 3.85, decent ECs but maybe nothing that is insanely impressive) I don't think those research powerhouses are realistic for me. All that said my key questions are....1) Did you have time for interviews?....2)When asked in interviews about what you were during your gap year was doing City Year viewed positively or was it not viewed as a serious thing?


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Sep 29, 2011
Resident [Any Field]
Congrats! City Year is awesome, and if you go into it because you want to serve the community, you will have a blast. I haven't done it, but the people I know who have loved it. I have done, and am currently in, AmeriCorps. I'm in an AmeriCorps Health Corps now and I would recommend that you look into something more health related if you need more clinical experiences. My previous AmeriCorps position was in an elementry school for underserved kids and it was amazing and I learned a lot about communities and the importance of education in a child's wellness so I think it was very relavent to a future career as a physician. Either way, City Year is a great option. Make sure to volunteer at a hospital or hospice or something to keep up your clinical street cred.