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Jul 31, 2015
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Hey guys,

Long story very short. Took CK on July 9th, got a 205 and posted it here:

Synopsis: Sept 2014, couple of family members passed away while i was preparing for CK and working on ERAS. This got put on hold and then i resumed prep but then friend committed suicide and called me before but i couldn't back to him in time so felt responsible for it for latter part of 2014 and even 2015. So obviously, didn't take CK and didn't apply last year.

CK July 9th, 2015: Poor time management and guessed 20-25 questions without even reading it. Why? lingered on questions, i was "about to figure out" and didn't give up on them so i ran out of time. On some of the questions after choosing an answer, i double checked just to make sure it was the "best" answer rather than just moving on to the next question. I did all the clinical mastery series and all the NBMEs and UWSA before taking CK.


Fast forwarding it, took CS on August 15th, 2015. Since then just been doing Uworld 3-4blocks a day, timed and random. Read everyword so took about 3 hours/block. Finished with 80% correct and i am sure that was decent amount of recall bias. But i focused on learning the content. I marked every single question just so i can re do the question bank. Also, wrote down question numbers for HY topics/discussion incase i don't have to time to re do the entire question bank.

So my CK is on Sept 19th. So starting tomorrow, i am going to do incorrect questions (3 days- missed 480 questions) and then starting Tuesday (8th) until CK try to go through entire uworld or atleast most of it. Going to start it with topics i suck at just to make sure i tackle those first. Been working on biostats (~45 min a day) to make sure i get these correct. Also, got usmle world biostats review course but haven't done much of it.


I am also planning to re-take UWSA (took it on July 6th - scored 224 and i fell asleep during first and 2nd block while taking this assessment bc experimented with beta blocker and yea, didn't work too well). I didn't review UWSA because just didn't have enough time. Obviously, it won't be 100% accurate assessment so because of this i am concern and also because i don't know anyone, personally, who re took CK 5 weeks after failing it the first time. Also, i guess, it depends on WHY you fail and by how much. But i really don't know..This is just causing severe anxiety, self doubt or what have you because part of me is just beyond terrified like what if i am rushing back into to it or what if i fail again then what? But then, i think about why i failed and remind myself that i shot myself in the foot so i need to avoid that and just not linger on any question, check time every 10 minute or so just to make sure i am on pace and stop making sure my chosen answer is the best answer. As long as i do that, i should be fine.

Advice: When should i take UWSA? I did not do free 130 questions last time so that's the only brand new assessment i can use. When should i do that? I took NBME 7 june 25th ish. Should i re do that? Should i open up other resources? And any general guidance, suggestion, moral support, or any particular mind set to have while doing these questions to make sure i don't Fuc* up again. I have MTB HY videos that go along with MTB. Its 36 hour course but can be done in less than that if done at 1.5x. Perhaps, run through it in a day to get refresher?

Also, any suggestion where to find information about physician/nursing error due to using confusing abbreviations on patient charts or other prevention type of questions?

Much appreciate all of your help in advance.
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