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Class Action Law Suit agains AMCAS

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by Bengal Tiger, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. Bengal Tiger

    Bengal Tiger Junior Member

    Dec 3, 2001
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    Dear Applicants:

    Greetings from San Francisco. I just wanted to drop a line to share my recent conversations with one of the most prestigious class action law firms, Leiff Cabraser, regarding the AMCAS debacle.

    I contacted with the basic premise that if AMCAS is a true service (and not a monopoly), then AMCAS' service has been less than stellar (to put it kindly). To make up for all the hassles that it caused the applicants, AMCAS should at least refund each applicant his or her processing fee.

    In addition, I have colleagues for whom AMCAS has lost transcript or screwed up GPA calculation. Although measurable damage is hard to prove, I believe it is still the right of all applicant (as customers of a service) to have their voices heard.

    If anyone here is interested in sharing their negative experiences with AMCAS, please go ahead and drop Leiff Cabraser a line at <a href="http://www.lieffcabraser.com/contact.htm" target="_blank">http://www.lieffcabraser.com/contact.htm</a>
    Fill out the brief form and in the comments section, put "ATTN: San Francisco Office."

    This is a totally legit law firm who have historically represented consumers and inviduals against larger corporations (eg. bad hip replacements, drug side effects etc.). LC is familiar with the AMCAS issue and is reviewing the case.

    Once again, I am not out here to make big bucks by hitting up AMCAS. But as a customer, I feel that AMCAS did not provide us with the service that we paid for. So, let your voices be heard and who knows....you may get your $500 to $1000 fees back.

    peace out.
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  3. Jedi In Training

    Jedi In Training Senior Member

    Jan 3, 2001
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    Thanks for sharing this with us. I just submitted my experience.
  4. none

    none 1K Member

    Jul 27, 2001
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    Let me just state again...I don't think anything will come of this.
  5. Ranger Bob

    Ranger Bob Senior Member

    Oct 12, 2001
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    I'm somewhat surprised that there haven't been more replies to your post. Perhaps the lack of interest has to do with the fact that many applicants are starting to get interviews and acceptances. The AMCAS fiasco starts to seem like nothing more than a bad dream as soon as you get an acceptance. AMCAS is betting on this. It's what allows them to screw each class, year after year. Of course, this year has been much worse than usual!

    Anyway, AMCAS ripped me off, and I'm definitely interested in taking legal action against them to get a refund. I've been thinking about filing against them in small claims court after I'm accepted and they can't do anything to impede my application.

    If your attorneys want a litany of students' grievances against AMCAS, they should just do a search of this website. Perhaps that would help them decide whether the case is worth pursuing.

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