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Apr 13, 2005
I picked my classes for next semester and this is how it looks like
Spanish 2 (5 Credits)
College Algebra (3 Credits)
Biology 2 (3 Credits)
Biology 2 Lab (1 Credit)

I also work part time on campus which is pretty good, and am part of the pre health honor society which I am planning to run for a position. Now my question, Is it allright to be taking Biology 2 without the lab, like can i take just the class now and take the lab in the summer? Is that a good choice on my part? Would medical schools question my motive or reason for me doing this, would it look like a sign of weakness as me not being able to hand the "load?" If I do take the lab with the class now I would have 12 credits 4 classes, without the lab 11 credits and only 3 classes.


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Oct 9, 2003
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I kinda have to agree, that's a pretty light load. If you're a freshman, maybe try picking up an extra class this semester. If you're not a freshman, how long is it going to take you to graduate? :-D I've worked part time and been involved in something or another most of the time I've been in school, and have always taken 14-17 hours, and the 14 hour semesters were LIGHT. I don't know what your major is, but where I'm at taking 12 hours per semester routinely is a sure-fire way to wind up taking 12 semesters to graduate, although I guess you'd have to work (read party) pretty dadgum hard to not pull a 4.0!

You didn't ask for scheduling advice though, that's what your advisor SHOULD be telling you... as far as the lab goes, I can't speak for your school, but at mine the lab content is closely tied in to the lecture content, and since bio 2 tends to consist of memorizing a crapload of asinine trivia about plants and fungi, I would think it would be an advantage to only have to memorize the crap once. If you take the lab later, you'll have to review all the stupid crap so it'll be fresh, as your lab instructor will expect you to have just seen the material. So my recommendation is to take them together, your sanity will thank you!

And really, take another science... chem? physics? those little pre-med pre-reqs you need before spring `o junior year for the MCAT? (sorry, couldn't resist :-D)


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Nov 21, 2005
If you are insured by your parents, you might want to check out their policy. 12 academic credit hours are generally the requirement to be considered full-time and covered by such a policy.

Also, as a freshman, it is natural to want to take it conservative. Remember to challenge yourself, though. Do you want a doctor that took easy classes, just studied for exams, or wanted to whimp out when things got hard? No.. I don't think medical schools want to see an idiot that can't budget their time, but it's not a bad idea to challenge yourself.

So take the lab because you need to build up endurance now.
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