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Jun 21, 2002
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Alright i have like a two part question (though im sure as i write this post more than two questions will be asked).

Do environmental science classes count towards your science gpa cause im thinking about taking a freshmen level env. sci. class to boost it up? But if i take another class i will have 21 credits (each class at my school is 4 credits, not the traditional 3 credits). my schedule right now is organic 1 w/lab, arabic 1 (which is 4 days a week), intro psych, and comparitive politcs (for major).
is psychology even required for med schools? does it go in science gpa? this psych is intro psychology: psychobiology and cognition, would it count in science gpa since its psychobiology and cogntion even though it doesnt show up on transcript as a bio class?

ok so thats the first part of my q. ok now i see alot of responses saying you really need an upward trend gpa, now im wondering is that for students who like bombed their freshmen year, or is that for everyone? i ended freshmen year decreasing big time my second semester from my first semester, but i still ended up with a 3.7 overall gpa. now hopefully my gpa from here on out will be higher than my 2nd semester, but the classes get much much more difficult, especially if i wanna take upper level bio classes. what if you maintain a consistent 3.7-3.8 gpa or even fluctuate at times or even drop down to like a 3.5-3.6? as the years go by classes get more intense and gpa could go down, so how bad would that look?
any help would be appreciated


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Jan 30, 2002
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Regardless of the specifics, I doubt that taking one extra course or not will affect your chances at any school.

You don't have to have an upward trend if you started out well. Maintaining an even level of accomplishment that is high is good. Upward trends matter if you really do poorly freshman year. And lots of people do poorly freshman year, hence the talk of upward trends.
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