Classifying The Psychology and Biology of Perception as BCPM


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Dec 25, 2018
Hello, I was wondering if I could classify this class as BCPM. On my transcript it is listed as PSYC 240, but it contained a significant amount of science content (e.g. the anatomy of eyes and ears and how they function biologically, the characteristics of sound waves, how lenses work, etc.). I am listing the course description and objectives below.

Course Description:

Have you ever really thought about what it means to be able to see and hear? What happens in your eyes, ears, and brain that enables you to convert physical energy (photons, pressure variations in air) into conscious awareness of sights and sounds? It isn’t magic, but it is amazing (and complex.) This course is designed to provide an overview of some basic facts, theoretical issues, and investigative methods in the study of perception, specifically vision and audition. The class will involve lectures, class discussion, demonstrations, reading assignments, and exams.

Course Learning Objectives - In this course you will:

1. Gain factual knowledge (terminology, classifications, methods, trends) in the field of sensation and perception.

2. Learn fundamental principles, generalizations, and theories of how humans (and other animals) see and hear.

3. Learn to apply course material to improve thinking, problem solving, and retention of the course material. Learning is not just about memorizing. To truly master the course material you need to be able to use your knowledge in new situations, and you need to be able to communicate that knowledge clearly.


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I would contact them to double check , but since it is not “b” or “c” or “p” or “m”, I don’t think so .
AMCAS courses are classified solely on course content. The dept listing that AMCAS provides is simply a helpful guide for applicants. Content is defined by the offical course catalog description for the term the course is taken. If the description above is accurate, it is reasonable to mark it as BIO. Additionally there is no penalty for doing so. If AMCAS rules it not-BCPM, it will simply change the classification
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I was able to get two of my economics courses that were entirely calculus based marked as math, even though they had ECON course numbers. If you believe your course is biology, then mark it as biology. However, I will add that my application took way longer than expected (3.5 weeks) to verify. I'm not sure if this was because of the course classifications or because of something else.

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