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Discussion in 'India and South Asia' started by Aqualgirl2307, May 27, 2008.

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    i'm currently doing my internship in india and i was wonderiing if anyone knew the process of getting a clerkship before going applying for residency. I wld like to do residency in surgery and wld like to know anything that cld help in getting a clerkship and what i wld need to do in addition to high scores on the USMLE. Thank you for ur help!
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    To get a clerkship in america you have to pass ur USMLE step 1 and also you have to be a student..... so my advice to you is to complete your internship that you are currently doing in India right now in america. You should try and get ur postings at different, perferablly learning hospitals in america. Now depending on where you go to school in India you can get a list of hospitals that are more accomodating to foreign grads but I know that Rajiv ghandi University of Health Sciences has a list that you can get from their office. Or if you don't have a list or can't get it I'm sure there are list online.... so once you know the colleges you have to start contacting their admissions staff or their heads of dept. Knowing any staff personally trhough family friends or any sort of connections always helps but yeah get the ball rolling on emails to the staff asking about requirments and such and they can guide you from there.... but always advertise yourself as still studying and not a graduate because once you graduate it is verrrrry difficult to get a clerkship.... hope that helps

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