cleveland clinic TY for rad onc

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Oct 18, 2001
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Feb 9, 2008
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hi folks,

i was wondering what ppl had heard about the "unique" bundled TY for the rad onc's. It looks like its splint between med and surgery...any word on malignancy? Ive heard the IM interns are worked to the bone. i image that means the TY folks are also? i hear that they are also no happy. additionally, i understand a large number of IMG (not that it is bad)

anyone heard?

also, what have ppl heard about the actual 4 yrs of rad onc? i know there is less of a research emphasis. I've read that "morning conferences are malignant" (lots of pimping). does anyone know?

I'm not sure pimping = malignancy necessarily, first of all. But yes, the morning conferences involve the faculty doing a lot of pimping of the resident presenting as well as the others, and you are expected to know the literature pretty well for whatever you happen to be presenting.

Anyway, the CCF residents were rockstars. Oh, and there certainly is research emphasis especially given lots of recent heavy push from their (relatively) newish chair, Dr. Suh. But he and the PD Dr. Videtic (sp?) struck me as strong leaders and advocates for the residents, esp. Dr. Videtic.

To answer your main quesion, it sounds like the PGY-1 year is more intense than your average TY, but the residents there all swore by it and (at least said) they were glad to have done it. They did not seem at all unhappy to me. I ranked the program quite high.