Aug 31, 2017
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Hi there!

First off, I appreciate you reading my post. I am a PT student who will be starting a clinical at Cincinnati Sports Medicine in the next couple of months-now known as Mercy Health for Physical Therapy and am wondering if anyone has ever done a clinical at this site and what advice they could give me such as:

1) What to review and know before going
2) Any books, literature, or articles they found helpful in order to succeed
3) Any places to live for 3 months while on clinical down there

I am very interested in this setting and hope to make some great connections out there and learn a ton! Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated:) Thanks!!


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Feb 8, 2011
Baltimore, Maryland
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Congrats on getting through PT school and onto clinicals. I had an 8 week rotation in 2015 as my last rotation in PT school. It was an overall great experience working with the PTs and then being able to interact with the orthopaedic surgeons in the clinic. You'll have a great opportunity to observe surgeries. It has its history as being a physician owned group that joined with Mercy Health if I understood it correctly. Therefore ton of physician involvement in overall rehab process. If you are interested in treating tons of post-op patients then it should be fun. I didn't see any spine while on rotation, mainly upper/lower extremity injuries. In my opinion it hindered my ability to properly evaluate cervical/thoracic/lumbar spine just from the lack of patient case load. They will give you plenty of information prior to starting as there is an onboarding process where they discuss student expectations and then going over the presentations/research project idea you will present at the end of your time there.

1. I didn't necessarily review anything prior to beginning, maybe brush up on Ther-Ex and anatomy.
2. They have weekly journal club meetings that were help by the orthopaedic surgeons and their fellows. As students we were required to attend.
3. I lived in an extended stay hotel for the 8 weeks, not sure I can help you with more then that. They had several clinics and I was unsure at which one I was going to be placed in so I attempted to pick a location in the middle. (Blue Ash is the city)

Again, I was there almost 2 years ago, potentially a lot has changed. Go into it with an open mind and expect to learn a ton about exercise prescription and how to progress post op pts from the initial evaluation to discharge. If you have any more specific questions feel free to message me directly.
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