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Jun 20, 2012
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Hi all!

I graduated with a non-Psych degree a year ago and went into a graduate program in the health field that I quickly realized wasn't for me. I decided to withdraw from that program and am now thinking of going for my Master's in Psych, having been interested in it all my life.

However, it seems that there are 3 different branches and I can't quite decide what's best for me: experimental psych, clinical psych, or counseling psych. Both the idea of counseling and research appeal to me, which makes me think clinical is my best bet since there are opportunities for both [counseling/research] in that area. However, I know it's VERY competitive. All the grad schools I've looked up say applicants must have an honour's degree in Psych, which I don't have.

So I'm wondering -- is it worth it to go for an after-degree in Psych? Or should I just cross my fingers and apply? OR should I simply narrow down my interests and choose between research and counseling?

Any help/thoughts/advice would be appreciated!



Perhaps you can get some internship experience in the different areas and see which ones you prefer. It is much different to be interested in a subject vs. interested in the cause enough to work it 40+ hours a week. Sure, it would take more time. But it is better to figure that out before diving into something you might later regret. Best wishes.