Clinical experience at a psych hospital

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Apr 7, 2020
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Hi everyone!

I’m applying next cycle but so far my only clinical experience has been my research in a psych lab. We work with patients with schizophrenia and our goal is to improve their cognitive skills through cognitive remediation. I’ve been in the lab for 3 years and I’ve spent most of the time administering neuropsychological assessments to our clients. The people we work with are outpatients at a psychiatric hospital and we perform our assessment sessions at the psych hospital itself.

It’s definitely thousands of hours of patient contact, but we work most closely with clinical psychologists and the tasks I perform are more closely related to psychology than anything medical.

Does this count as clinical experience?
If so, do you think I also need additional clinical experience in a hospital or clinic setting working with MDs/DOs?
I planned on working as a scribe or MA but COVID-19 means that I’ll be getting significantly less experience than I had hoped for.
If I am unable to get any further clinical experience should I still apply next cycle or should I wait until I have more?