clinical experience in the States?

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Aug 20, 2003
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wondering if u guys have any advice for me re: getting some clinical experience in the States.

not entirely sure if I wanna cross the pond...stalling on USMLE's till the beginning of next yr.

Any idea of how I might go about applying for rotations as a doctor just to get a feel for the healthcare system over there and a chance to get good letters of recommendation if I work meeee arse off?


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Apr 9, 2000
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Physicians are prohibited from doing "rotations" in the US; they are typically limited to observerships (which is just as it sounds - you observe other physicians working, you have no clinical responsibilities) and/or research positions. The reason given for this is typically malpractice insurance - students are covered, a physician visiting is not.

However, that said I suspect some observerships might allow you more clinical contact than others. Unfortunately, I can't tell you which ones (not because its a secret, I just don't know).

If you have a geographical area in which you are interested, I would suggest contacting the medical education offices at local hospitals as a first step. Hopefully some of the IMGs here might have more information than I on this subject.