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Oct 22, 2005
Hi, maybe some of you have some advice about this:

I am a post-bac pre-med student in Boston looking to get some clinical experience. What I really want is to get into a clinical environment, preferably a GP practice, although it seems like a lot of the work is hospital work. I want to have some experience giving patient care before i decide to apply to medical school.

My thought was to get trained as (what I think is referred to as) a nurse's aide -- those people who hook patients up to machines, maybe take blood, help stock -- and then get a job. My questions are:

-Do you think this is a good idea, or could you recommend an alternative for some clinical experience (I am already volunteering in an ED, but I don't feel like I have enough to do with the medical operations to really understand what's happening, or to familiarize myself with the procedures)?

-Can anyone recommend a training program? I have heard you just take an EMT course, that basically prepares you, and then the institution that hires you trains you on their particulars. Any good/bad EMT training ideas in the Boston area?

-I want to move at the end of the school year - does anyone know if you must be trained in-state, or if I could be trained here in Massachusetts, and then get a job in New York or California or somewhere?

-Has anyone gotten a job in private practice with this type of training?

I'd really appreciate any feedback.

Thanks so much.
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