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May 1, 2020
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  1. Pre-Medical
Hi everyone. With my cycle coming to a close, I'd like to just see what the consensus is on the activities that I've been doing this year in case of a re-app. Going into the cycle, my clinical hours were definitely my weak point (and probably why I haven't been accepted). However, with established clinical volunteering activities like hospital/clinic volunteering being closed, these activities are pretty much the only thing I've been able to find. I just want to know if the activities that I've managed to find can be counted as clinical on AMCAS.

1. infant cuddling - pretty much just cuddling newborns at a pediatric specialty hospital. I'm pretty sure this counts since I'm literally touching the patient.

2. COVID-19 testing/vaccine site - this is the one I'm unsure about. At the testing site, I've been gearing up in PPE and swabbing patients (nasal). At vaccine sites, I've been working at the vaccine tables filling out the vaccine cards and asking patients/screening them for info about contraindications, medical conditions, pregnancy/breastfeeding, etc. Additionally, at vaccine sites, I've been doing some medical interpreting (I speak Chinese) and have also helped transport elderly/obese patients (wheelchair). This is the one I'm unsure about because from browsing SDN, people like Goro classify it as clinical while people like LizzyM don't. I'd really like it to count since I've accumulated a decent amount of hours (130) with the potential of doing more.
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