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Jan 7, 2008
MD/PhD Student
I am a FMG with a MD degree.
I performed in my country as infectious control, consultant and coordinator of microbiology department in a reference lab.
I am not a lover of clinical practice, I love infectious disease, but I prefer to serve behind the door.

I got a Medical Technology certification to get a Medical Technology license in Microbiology/Serology.
Actually I am a Medical Technology II and perform as Clinical Microbiology in Microbiology and Serology procedures.

My next step is the Supervisor Microbiology/Serology License, with my MD degree and experience it is possible get it soon and have a better/higher position.

Medical Practice License? It is not necessary, the performance is not clinical, I will can use my MD degree when I get my Supervisor license.
After, with 3 years of specific experience and my MD degree I will can take the board certification test of American Board of Medical Microbiology and get certificated (ABMM).

My point is the Clinical Lab is a very interesting field to FMG looking for non-clinical residency or practice, you will have a strong research, coordination and scientific training and skill with a doctorate degree (MD) getting more possibilities in the field.
Some of the field in the Clinical Lab where you will can get in:
-Clinical Microbiology
-Medical Microbiology
-Clinical Hematology (no Medical)
-Clinical Chemistry and Toxicology
-Molecular Diagnostic
-Immunology diagnostic

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