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    The dept of education has increased loan limits for students in some PsyD and PhD programs in Clinical Psych. You can gett addtl' Stafford unsub loans as a health professional to pay for the increasing costs (up to $224,000ish).

    I'm a doctoral student at JFK Univ in Pleasant Hill, CA and even though it is an APA accredited program in Clinical Psych their Fin Aid office stated they were not elig for the extra loan funding (I lack confidence in the answer because they sounded like a work study student). Locally, both Argosy and Alliant state on their website that Clin Psych students are eligible for additional Stafford loans and I can see no difference in what may make them eligible.

    Does anyone know what may dictate if a school is elig or not? Any other thoughts?
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    Schools can fall out of the good graces of federal funding for several reasons including misappropriation of the funds they were granted originally, not submitting required data reports on student attrition rates, etc, and program guidelines not adhering to satisfactory academic progress.

    Financial aid director should be your point of contact on this issue. I only know about financial aid because a billion years ago, freshman year, I ended up the victim of a financial aid director who had done lots of shady stuff to student athletes. He ended up finally fired but it took us years and lawsuits to get it fixed. I still have a LOT of anxiety about the issue. That being said, my information could be outdated and I didn't research it now for accuracy... but I know at the time, those were some things I learned about the process because my school at that time, a very well known private school, was at risk of losing fed money b/c of the dude being shady.

    Good luck w/your situation.

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