PhD/PsyD Clinical psychology graduate school application support services ?


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Nov 19, 2010
I am relatively new faculty, having started in 2014. In my lab are a few good undergrads who are interested in applying to graduate schools this Fall. They're the kinds of students who would probably do well in the WAMC thread!

One of them had heard of Psychology Prep (not to be confused with the EPPP preparation company, PsychPrep) from a friend of his who had used them before, with success. I couldn't provide much feedback, but said that I would check into it for them. They essentially do what a great faculty advisor wishes they had the time to do for all of their students - cull application site lists, review application essays, practice interviews etc. I've been trying my best, but with grant deadlines (October is fast approaching!) and such, it is hard to do as much as I want to do to help.

Any experiences with this group?


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Oct 7, 2006
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I always get concerned when "services" are offered for things like grad apps and internship apps because they frequently feel very predatory. Their costs seem reasonable, though I guess it ultimately depends on the quality of the help. It'd be nice if they were a bit more open about who is involved w. the company, sample CV's, etc.
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