Clinical Research Coordinator as research or clinical for Work and Activities designation?

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May 25, 2024
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Hey yall,

I am in my first gap year and applying this cycle. I have worked as a CRC for 8 months. I am wondering if this would be considered as clinical or research? In my day to day, I consent patients in the hospital, deliver and drop off study tubes, get ECGs on patients, do vitals, comply with protocol, upload data to sponsor, answer queries, etc.

I have seen that it could be listed as either. Currently, I have 300 hours from a research lab in college for a year and a half and 1000+ hours working as an EMT for 2 years. Thus, I think it would be best to list as research experience, but please let me know!

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If a majority (or like a good amount) of what you do involves interacting with patients then put it as clinical
I've put it as "Paid Employment - Medical/Clinical" and used the description to mention the clinical/patient part. But then I used the "MME" section to talk about how I've contributed to the research as well.
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