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Clinical Rotation Treatment as IMG (SGU specifically)


Junior Member
15+ Year Member
May 27, 2000
Palm Beach, Fl, USA
    As a first year pre-med graduate student at a prestigious university, I felt a lot of friction between graduate students who where known as pre-med and medical students. I can say that most of my classmates found this to be a VERY DIFFICULT issue as the year workload increased and our morale dropped during our year as graduate students. Do SGU students do clinical rotations with U.S. medical students during their U.S. rotations? If so, are they considered second-class? What about the UK rotations? If a student is smart and proves himself, do those assumptions drop? I understand that the replies will be generalities, but I am still interested in how GSU students feel about their treatment. Also, as an aside, how is St. Vincent in terms of living conditions and food. Also, does SGU have a cafeteria for eating quickly or do most students rely on making their own food or visiting local restaurants. What are the hours like for the restaurants and cafeterias (if they have some on campus?)? Thank you so much!

    Carbon Klein

    Senior Member
    10+ Year Member
    15+ Year Member
    Apr 23, 2000
      Firstly, the food. If you can't cook, then there's enough places to eat in both Grenada and St Vincent that you'll never be hungry...caferaterias and local restaurants.

      Secondly, the rotation. Yes, many SGU affiliated hospitals are also used by other US medical schools as well as by Ross. I have only worked in UMDNJ/Newark and NYMC hospitals. I can tell you that NYMC subordinates SGU students like you won't believe. Not only are rounds separated so that NYMC students don't have to sit with SGU students, but most conferences are too. Only during a few tutorials was I able to work with NYMC students (the ones there liked to guess a lot and don't seem to know the answer, but then again, that hospital was where NYMC dumped their worse students). Don't get me wrong, I did have a positive experience with some NYMC students when we were in the ER (less politics) and during prerounds (when I was the newbie and was actually taught by a NYMC student).

      I heard from a friend (so this is unconfirmed) that a SGU student was scubbed into a surgical case and a NYMC student wanted to see that case, so the attending asked the SGU student to scrub out and allow the NYMC student in.

      I was actually fortunate because I was working in a super small (and crappy) hospital in which no NYMC students were there and the residents and students became close friend and became a great team. I hear that this is more of the exception rather than the rule.

      Detroit Rock City

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      15+ Year Member
      Apr 17, 2000
      Detroit, MI USA
        Carbon is on the money once again. And I think even Turtleboy can back me up. I did Psych and ER at Kings County with students from Downstate, and some DO's as well. The ross students and the DO's were put together and the Downstate students were seperated. You get to see them in action when working, but you get treated much differently. I've had the pleasure to work with some top notch US grads. Exceptional students who were nothing but nice and helped me along the way, but at the same time I have worked with some absolute *****s over at the County, who were condescending little bastards. Now I'm a resident, or will be in 2-3 weeks. Now it is my turn to have some fun. Don't you think your resident makes the clinical experience?

        P.S. Turtle-
        Mike was not at graduation but I heard that he did not get ER and got IM or FP. Don't know for sure but I told my friend to send along your regards
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