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Aug 9, 2002
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For those at AZCOM, would you mind posting your thoughts about the preceptor rotations at AZCOM? I've heard some good things (great 1:1 experience with physicians) and some bad things (you have to find your rotations for yourself basically). What's the real story? Do you guys feel like you are getting exposure to enough pathology? Are you rotating at places where residencies are being offered, or just with community physicians and groups? Last but not least, are you happy with your year 3 and 4 medical school educations at AZCOM?

Thanks for sincere replies. AZCOM is my number 1 choice, I just want the scoop from some people who are there and are doing that. Thanks.


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Nov 12, 2001
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SJS-- i'm not sure exactly how-- but try to search for a similar topic. Tedsadoc gave us some really great info on it. I personally think it is a super idea and have actually heard that many schools are starting/have started similar programs.
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