Clinical Science PhD programs

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Recently stumbled upon Berkeley's Clinical Science Psychology PhD:
I have never heard of a "Clinical Science" program or degree. How exactly does this differ from Clinical Psychology? If anyone has some inside information about this program would love to hear it. There is a professor there who would be a great match for me research wise.


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Apr 6, 2007
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In brief, they are more research focused than most phd programs that are based on the scientist-practitioner model. As of laate (Delaware Conference) clinical training also changing and is more focused on provision of EBTs only, as well as program development and evaluation.


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Nov 6, 2013
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It is a degree in clinical psychology. Clinical science is a description of the training model, which emphasizes research and particular models/approaches that are viewed as more scientific.

A little warning about finding somebody who seems like a perfect research match early: it can be a real let down when you later find out that they are not taking a student the next year. I had to cross a lot of schools off my list because the professors I wanted to work with were not. It's good to identify people early but know that a slot to work with them may not be available any given year.