Clinical Volunteering/Shadowing for a non-student in the Atlanta area?

Sep 11, 2015
So, I have just recently decided to pursue a career as an MD. I was a music major in undergrad. I had a great GPA- 3.94 and I won lots of awards, etc. I graduated in 2012 and I'm 25 now. So, how do I go about finding clinical volunteering/shadowing opportunities as a non student? I am in Atlanta, by the way. Most of the programs I'm finding are exclusively for students. I looked into volunteering at Emory and one of the first things it says on the pdf is: "Volunteering is not an internship, or a shadow program. It’s also not an opportunity to get clinical experience. As a volunteer, you are not allowed to participate in direct patient care." I've been running into the same problem everywhere. I'm still going to do the regular volunteering, but is there anywhere that will allow clinical experience/shadowing opportunities to non students in the Atlanta area? Or will doing regular volunteer work in a hospital be enough to get into a good post bacc program? How much volunteer/clinical/shadowing experience will top post baccs be expecting? I hope this isn't a stupid question. Thanks for any advice.


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Nov 22, 2009
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It's not difficult to get hours in Atlanta.

I earned 425+ shadowing hours from 8 different specialties in 7 locations including at two hospitals (Grady and Dekalb Medical) and several private practices before I was accepted this year. I volunteered at Dekalb Medical for 352 hours in the ED as a 30-31 year old non-student. Most of the volunteers at Dekalb Medical are not students, although they have a student program too.