Clinical Volunteering vs Paid Clinical Work vs Non-Clinical Volunteering


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May 9, 2020
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    Hi all, I am a little worried about my clinical volunteering hours. Because of COVID, I got cut off at around 100 hours when I had been aiming for 140. Thankfully, I got to do some volunteering this month at the same non-profit, just not clinical-faced, so I will probably be writing 140 on my application anyways. Here are my concerns:

    1. Will this not be enough? I also have worked a highly clinical, clinical research job for the past year, 40 hours/week, where I see patients everyday. I'm worried because I am super passionate about this volunteering experience, and I wrote my personal statement on how I got to this point and how this experience shows my desire to go into medicine. I should also mention that I am getting a recommendation letter from this non-profit. It is also worth mentioning that I have 120 hours of non-clinical volunteering completed over a 3 year period, as well as years and years of research-I'm not worried about my extracurriculars, moreso clinical volunteering hours specifically.
    2. Can I just write 150 on my app? I know this is silly, but due to logistical issues this month with getting a space to volunteer in I may not be able to do all the volunteering I had planned to do. Do they call to check?


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    Jul 10, 2019
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      Clinical hours are clinical hours, paid or volunteer.

      No one would bat an eye if you wrote 150 instead of 120. Everyone inflates their hours. Even if they called to check, I seriously doubt anyone would pull hairs over 30 hours. Just don't write something abnormal like 1000 hours.
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