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Clinicals and Residency

Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by DAPLAYA, Nov 10, 2002.


    DAPLAYA Junior Member
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    Oct 5, 2002
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    just rread some threads.....so does it hurt your chances of getting a primary care residency (let's say IM) if u go to AUC and do clinicals in England for a year? if so, how/why? i thought it's considered good to have experienced the british system as well especially since they are considered on par with the US and Canada. thanks for your time.
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  3. Winged Scapula

    Winged Scapula Cougariffic!
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    Apr 9, 2000
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    Attending Physician
    The British system is a fair bit different than that in the US and while the experience may be enjoyable and educational, it doesn't as completely prepare you for US practice as does US clinicals.

    In addition, doing US clinicals will afford you the opportunity to get LORs from US faculty - people who are used to evaluating medical students and residents and whose letters will yield infinitely more power to your application come match time.

    A rotation or two abroad might be interesting on your application but you should try and arrange the vast majority of your clinicals in the USA (regardless of future specialty).
  4. RZF

    RZF New Member

    Dec 8, 2002
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    AUC encourages students to do their 4th year electives in the US for the experience and for letters of rec. I don't know of anyone who did their clinicals in the UK or Ireland who had any problems getting a US residency. It does not hurt you in any way. Some people say it took a little time to get used to the US system initially but that was more about paperwork and logistics, not clinical knowledge. Don't let that deter you from doing clinicals in the UK. Also AUC doesnt send anyone to sites that they dont want to go. Many of the students choose to go to the UK or Ireland and they really enjoy it. I did all of my rotations in the US because that's what I chose to do. But it won't hurt you to do them in the UK/Ireland. Just be sure to do electives in the US. I personally wouldn't recommend doing all clinicals in the UK or Ireland. Hope this answers your question.

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