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Jan 26, 2011
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When I was studying for the boards, I visit SDN often for words of encouragement. Here is me paying back for SDN had done for me.

I took my MPJE for CO and NAPLEX and passed both. AM now waiting to get licensed in CO.

For the out-of-state PharmD please email [email protected] to purchase the law review book form Dr. Smith PharmD/JD. His review class is awesome if you get the chance to take it.

For NAPLEX I bought APHA book. I felt overwhelmed after going through the math section. Luckily my company bought RXPREP for us and it totally saved my bacon. I learned/relearned so many details I forgot from my didactic lectures from school. Dr. Shapiro of RXPREP is so entertaining.

I also got PRONTO PASS from a work collegue was I did not even look at it.

I attended a review course through our school (CU- go BUFFS!) and it was a complete waste of time and money.

Best of luck everyone. :idea:
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