Feb 1, 2016
Hi everyone. As you can tell from the title, I'm thinking about taking the pharm tech exam. I'm beginning to worry about my financial situation for the '17-'18 academic year, and I thought being a pharm tech would be a great way of gaining medical experience and earning some money at the same time. I would love to work at a hospital, but being that I'm really young, I don't think they (the hospital workers) would think I am responsible enough or take me seriously enough... or anywhere, for that matter. What are your thoughts--should I go down this route? Thanks everyone!


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Jun 16, 2016
I currently work in a retail pharmacists, and we have young people as well. Most hospitals do recommend at least one year of tech experience, so I would go into retail first, and then try to transition into a hospital. I'm not too familiar with the laws in other states, but where I'm from, you don't need to be certified to work as a tech. You can start out as a trainee, and then the company you work for will reimburse you for the test, helping you to save even more money. Do some research, drop by the local retail pharmacy, and ask them questions. Good luck!


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Nov 10, 2013
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Take the PTCB don't worry about being too young. The hospital that I work in only cares that your are nationally certified(major hospital in a major city). No matter where you go, they will have to train you with their way and software they use. It's not a tough test as long as you can memorize and do simple maths of conversion/ratios/volumes. It'll consist of top 200 drugs brand/generic, laws, proper sterile practices (which are intuitive once you read it), calculate dose (total dose for drug course/dose based by weight/concentrations)

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