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Jul 22, 2009
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I'm entering my fourth and final year at Claremont McKenna College where I'm a math major. I'm posting in the Non-Traditional Students section for the reason that I don't plan on applying to an MD program for at least a couple of years after graduating.

I'll try and provide a curt summary of where I'm at and what I expect to do on the way to being admitted to a med school:

  • My first three years cum. undergrad GPA: 3.26/4.00
  • 1st Yr Bio: B/A-
  • Acc. 1-semester intro Chem: B-
  • AP physics in HS: 4/5
  • I've spent two summers doing academic math research (though I haven't published any papers)

My plans for the next few years are to graduate college and teach high school math. I'm thinking about locations where I'll be able to attend extension classes at a state school (not CC) to finish up the MD application requirements (OChem, physics, perhaps one more to help my low undergrad GPA). If it's worth saying, I'm not finishing these requirements while I'm still in school bcs there are some classes I have a very serious desire in taking (juvenile delinquency policy, education politics + policy) along with the last of my major's course requirements.

I post because I'm concerned about whether I have a strong (or realistic) plan for eventually entering medical school and becoming a psychiatrist. I know my grades are of concern, and that there are some open variables to be discovered (one more years of grades, MCATs, 2-3 more sci. courses). Is there any promise in me as an applicant? I often feel like a small fish in the huge applicant pool for medical school that grows unrealistically every year.

Any suggestions, comments or questions would be generous.


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Feb 28, 2007
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This sounds like a realistic plan. If your GPA remains around 3.25, D.O. or Carribean are solid options because psychiatry is not as competitive as other specialties (though your interests may change in med school). Or, if you're set on US M.D., and you do fair in physics I and II, chem II and orgo I and II, but it doesn't boost your science GPA into the competitive range, you may want to apply to SMPs.

You have plenty of time and options, so don't feel overwhelmed. Enjoy a few years in the real world; it can only enhance your overall medical school application.
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