Mar 3, 2010
Hi Everyone,

I know CSPH is a relatively new program (3 years or so) and while the program has been accredited the school will get accredited this year. It is housed in University of Colorado-Denver's medical school which is a great facility and is really the only ph school in the rocky mountain area.

SO . . . I am looking for input on a program here vs gwu. While gwu is not a top five school I know it is in DC which offers great connections and such - but DC is incredibly competitive (i imagine). Any thoughts on this new colorado program? Has anyone in the public health world heard of it?

In terms of jobs do you think getting a degree here vs. GWU or UIC would make a huge difference. Since there is a high demand for public health type workers in CO I have heard you can get very good internships and become actively involved in a lot of public health orgs.

Just wanted to start a thread exploring this new school and getting any comments/thoughts people may have on it.



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Mar 13, 2009
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I'm a Colorado native (if you couldn't tell by the signature :)), and CSPH is the one place where PH folks can be trained in the entire area. You'll definitely have the advantage of opportunities being there.

When I was applying to PhDs, I seriously considered CSPH. Its connections with the entire Anschuz campus is a big plus, too. However, I would say that for something like Policy or Management, it might not be the best place to be since the area isn't a hot bed for policy.


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Jun 30, 2008
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I'm glad someone else is interested!
So I am currently just taking a few classes to get my feet wet, but I have some thoughts about the school.

The school is relatively new, but the facilities are top notch. I am only starting, but I can say there are plenty of academic opportunities for individuals who are willing to pursue them. Because the CSPH is a three campus collaboration, your opportunities for specialized study are greatly expanded (most notably in Veterinary sciences @CSU FoCo.). The program generally has applicants that are working at one of the facilities, but is a good mix of ages, non-trad, and multi-degrees, thought they are mostly CO natives. There are several options for research based work study and t/a-ships, but don't expect to make a living on the earnings, the on-campus(unaffiliated) housing is expensive.

The community is redeveloping to accommodate the new school. Many of the surrounding neighborhoods have several mobile home sites or are generally low income. New buildings should include hotels, more apartments/condo's & mixed retail, maybe Light Rail, but construction brings traffic and ~98% commute; ergo traffic is dismal.

The school dean and many professors work with Diabetes Epi if that's an area you are interested in, then this is a no brainier. Most of my classes have spent a good deal of time discussing the National Children's Study. As far as working with policy, there are some opportunities to be very influential with rural communities. There hasn't been much of an international focus, though many of the MD/MPH students are planning to work internationally.

As a doctoral student, I would try to match yourself up with the faculty that specialize in your area of interest. They will work with you and set you up with the contacts that are important to you. This list is outdated, but I can't find a current one. Maybe it will help.