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Mar 27, 2004
    Hey guys and gals,

    Im just trying to find out where I stand in the applicant pool compared to those who have already been accepted into the dent schools that I listed.

    Im Canadian, living in Vancouver, and basically its damn hard to get into Canadian schools. Im sure my fellow canadians can attest to that!! So I wanna come down South.

    This is my situation:

    My first three years of my undergrad sucked, flat out: GPA 2.8-3.0
    My last two years were much improved : GPA 3.8-4.1
    P.S I did bachelors in 5 to boost GPA

    So Im sitting half way here. My GPA is now at about 3.2

    Basically I just wanna know what your stats were, in terms of GPA, work experience, etc etc. So I can see where I stand. Am I unnecessarily worried? Or am I safe??

    Oh yeah. I wrote the Canadian DAT and scored 21-23 s

    Your guys, and gals help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Sep 5, 2003
      I have very similar stats to yours. I just interviewed at columbia. I think you'll have a good shot there because they respect good DAT scored and improvement. They really care about students who are good test takers. Don't forget to apply early.
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      Feb 28, 2003
        wow! That does not seem fair to US applicants. Is a canadian GPA converted to a US GPA???

        Here it goes as follows:

        90-100: A (4.0)

        80-89: B (3.0)

        70-79: C (2.0)

        60-69: D (1.0)

        69 and lower: F (0.0) In my undergrad


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        Feb 28, 2003
          so what GPA do you get in Canada if you score 95% in the class?

          Is an 86 an "A" bec of curves??? An "A" should be given if you master the 86% is not mastering the material.

          Just curious :cool:


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          Sep 1, 2003
          Toronto, Centre of Canada
            Keep in mind Broc that the average for a standard science class in a Canadian undergrad is a high 60...this is the AVERAGE! So if you get an 86%, yes you have mastered the material, and yes, you are at the top of the class, although it seems low for Americans.

            One of my best friends in undergrad is an American undergrad transfer student, and he constantly tells me that getting an 86 in a Canadian Undergrad is very much more difficult than getting an 86 at an American undergrad.

            When I went to my Columbia interview, I met a guy from Toronto there, and he told me that all his Canadian classmates are ranked at the top of the classes at Columbia.

            Also, I used to work with British exchange students and they all used to tell me that Canadian undergrad was much more difficult than British undergrad. Then I went to England for a year exchange myself, and lo and behold, they were right! :D


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            Oct 12, 2002
              Hey VancouverDoc2b,
              I know for a fact how difficult it is to get into the UBC dental school. Don't ask me how many times I tried! I graduated from UBC in 1993 in the top 25% of my pharmacy class. I had a 3.41 GPA all five years combined (1 year general science and 4 years pharmacy school). I wrote the DAT twice. The only reason was to improve my carving score. Definitely in the 20's for my averages.
              I got into the University of Louisville in 2000 and am now graduating in 4 weeks. Totally in debt but enjoying my southern experience. I am still hoping to get into OMS this year but it is looking bleak.
              UBC definitely prepared me well. I am sure you will be able to find a position down here. Apply early. I was lucky I got in. I applied fairly late in the cycle.
              Go Canucks GO!


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              Nov 28, 2003
                Originally posted by Brocnizer2007
                a 4.1 :confused: :confused: :confused:

                An A+ is did you get a 4.1???

                An A+ is 4.33 in the U.S too. I just checked my course work report by AADSAS. There was a quarter a long time ago that I got all A+'s (3 easy math courses) and thus a GPA of 4.33 in the AADSAS report even though my school only gave it as 4.00. In california, Cal state schools never give A+ to anyone while UC schools do give A+ to top few students in class.
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