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Apr 16, 2002
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Does anyone know how to check on my application status at Columbia? I tried calling a few days ago, but they wouldn't tell me. I was given an email address, but the message I sent to it was returned to me as undeliverable. I tried sending a message to the main Columbia admissions email address, but I never heard back.

Any suggestions?



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Jul 12, 2001
anchorage, ak
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What did they say when you called? You did get an email saying your app was complete, didn't you? I didn't receive mine until Oct. 15 last year, even though I submitted my app to them in early August. I had earlier received an email telling me they were still missing my LOR's and my MCAT (I was an August MCATer). They interview a lot of people, so don't stress. My interview invite was postmarked Nov. 1 last year, and as I recall I was one of the earlier interviews (in early Dec.) -- but I could be wrong about this. They're not rolling, so no real need (other than peace of mind) to get an early interview.
So I guess my suggestion is just sit tight, and you will hear from them. Best of luck with your application.:)


they sent me an e-mail about my file being complete a couple days ago - though all my stuff was in almost 3 weeks ago - dunno if that is an anomoly or they are just backed up. either way, should be hearing something within a month or so.
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