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Jan 26, 2010
I will be joining a Canadian dental school in August 2020. My ultimate career ambition is to be an OMFS. I, therefore, need to excel in CBSE (I want to attend a 4-year OMFS residency in the USA). Please advise me on strategies and resources to prepare for CBSE alongside the usual undergrad DMD/DDS curriculum.

Secondly, can a 4-year trained OMFS (i.e. no MD) do a fellowship in head and neck oncology? Does having a 6-year dual DDS/MD confer any surgery privileges and income advantage over the 4-year trained OMFS? Some say 4-year OMFS's are seen as "just dentists" and may have lesser access to OR facilities in the hospital compared to the DDS/MD credential counterparts.


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Jun 28, 2014
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A quick search will give you all the info you need on preparing for the CBSE. You can also google how med students prepare for USMLE step 1.

You should also search on 4yr vs 6yr programs because there is a huge amount of information that has been provided by those actually in the field.

I'm guessing you're doing your internationally trained dentist equivalency in Canada if you already have your acceptance. Canadian citizens need exceptional stats to stand out in US OMFS applications and I saw in a past post you mentioned you're a Kenyan citizen/Canadian permanent resident. This would really limit the schools you can apply to because of your international (non-Canadian citizen) status. Do your research on which programs you can apply to and crush the CBSE.
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