coming back to canada after D.O. and American residency?


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May 25, 2007
I know that for a Canadian citizen at DO program, it is quite easy to come back and practice in primary care field.
Q)Do you know the general procedure though? I am sure it is probably the same as MD come backs with an exception of few exams?
Q)MD specialists from the Staes can TECHNICALLY come back to CAnada also, but practially it is almost impossible. How about D.O.s, techinally, is it possible for DOs to come back to Canada and practice? If so, how is it possible?


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Jan 6, 2003
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If you are either MD or DO it is much easier to come back as a GP than any kind of specialist. It is easier once you are board-certified; otherwise you end up having to take all the Canadian exams too. In addition, the procedure and your possibilities vary a lot depending on which province you're talking about. You should check out the SDN "Canada" forum, where people really know the details.